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The rules are simple! Pledges collected under the name of each councillor are unlocked only when that councillor completes the challenge.

For Donors

  1. You choose how much to pledge for each councillor. (The total pledge amounts are published on the website, your name is kept confidential)
  2. For every councillor that completes the challenge, we add up the associated pledges per donor.
  3. We contact each donor with the final payable amount.
  4. Donors can pay in person or by secure online payment after March 28th.

For Councillors

  1. You must use the bus to get to work and back to the HSR stop nearest to your home for five work days prior to March 28, 2015 (they do not need to be consecutive).
  2. It's an honour system but providing a selfie photo for each bus ride is recommended. A bus buddy can be arranged by contacting Environment Hamilton.
  3. After completing the week of busing, you need to prepare a brief description of the experience for the donors.
  4. All donations collected in your name will be used to purchase HSR tickets and passes for Hamiltonians in need.